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DynaPulse, an ideal tool for hypertension and cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention...

"Due to public health successes, populations are ageing and increasingly, people are living with one or more chronic conditions for decades." ... "Many costly and disabling conditions - cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases - are linked by common preventable risk factors." ... "Many diseases can be prevented, yet health care systems do not make the best use of their available resources to support this process." ... Described by the World Health Organization (WHO)

One essential element for action recommended by WHO is to "Equip patients with needed information, motivation, and skills in prevention and self-management." DynaPulse has been designed with this goal in mind. The technology, available for 20 years, uses the power of the personal computer and Internet, the innovation of Pulse Dynamic full disclosure recording and measurement of blood pressures, pulse waveform and other hemodynamic parameters, permitting patients to communicate with their physicians for routine evaluation of their cardiovascular health. DynaPulse provides a cost effective solution that can serve large populations efficiently. DynaPulse measures, non-invasively, systolic, diastolic and mean arterial pressure (MAP), arterial functions (brachial and systemic compliance, distensibility and resistance) and cardiac function (cardiac output, stroke volume and indexes). Measurement values can be recorded over extended periods of time, and it is this trending capability which allows for success in the goal of prevention. The clinically proven and validated device is an ideal tool for hypertension and CVD prevention, and continues to gain much attention from medical communities in the US, as well as those in China and India. For more information, please contact us.