January 21, 2016

The Cardiovascular Health Advisor is now available and Free to all users

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) prevention starts with blood pressure monitoring and hypertension management, a recommendation by doctors and clinical researchers for over 30 years.

Preventagen has developed a web application tool to help in monitoring and recording a person's blood pressure and other risk factors, and provide them with hypertension assessments according to the JNC-7 and JNC-8 guidelines. Additionally, the application allows people with high blood pressure to manage their hypertension drug therapy as well as weight, exercise and stress. The trend statistic analysis will further aid managing and improving blood pressure and prevention of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

DynaPulse® users now can enjoy these advanced features by porting the recorded data from their existing PC/Windows data store to the Cardiovascular Health Advisor web app. With prescription from a doctor, they can also access to DynaPulse hemodynamic profiling for advanced evaluation of the causes of hypertension, and improving management and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

February 1, 2013

Get the new DynaPulse® App for the Bluetooth enabled DynaPulse Blood Pressure Monitor

DynaPulse now has an available blood pressure monitoring app for Android phone and tablet, allowing you to use a Bluetooth capable DynaPulse blood pressure monitor with your mobile device. Free Download at Google Play

Two Bluetooth DynaPulse monitors, the DP200M/clinical and DP5200A/Pathway are available for corporate employee health care, fittness club member's care, nursing home and community health care, pharmacy patient care, general cardiovascular public health care, and cardiovascular diseases (CVD) prevention research programs. Contact DynaPulse for detailed information.