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Our Mission...

We are committed to innovation, research, and development of healthcare clouds, technologies, methodologies, products and applications for cardiovascular care and skin care, and other health and preventative care. Our goal is to provide the most effective and affordable products, services, information and education to all people to aid in acheiving better and healthier lives.

About Us...

It was 20 years ago when Dr. Chio invented the Pulse Dynamics (DynaPulse hemodynamic profiling) method for monitoring and diagnosing hypertension and associated cardiovascular disease, and since then, he has received over 10 patents worldwide.

Since 2007, he and his engineering partners have been developing a web and mobile solution, the Cardiovascular Health Advisor and DynaPulse-PLUS app, for improving hypertension management and cardiovascular health care as well as disease prevention at an affordable cost.

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